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Nantian Electronics Information Corp, Ltd.

leading IT Company in banking automation business of Chinese market for about two decades

Nantian Electronics Information Corp, Ltd. (Nantian) has been the leading IT Company in banking automation business of Chinese market for about two decades. It’s specialized in making the most reliable HW/SW products and solutions to banking/financial industry. Nantian has passed the certification of ISO9000 Quality Management System. It also has built complete sales and after service system throughout the country. Nantian is a major Manufacturer of ATM and KIOSK in China. The main series of ATM and KIOSK that Nantian made, have 15” TFT LCD, Interactive Touch Screen, Internet port, Thermal printer, DES or triple DES keyboard, and have 4 install type: Rear ( Through-the-wall ), Front (Lobby), Wall mounted and Desktop. We can adding EMV motorized card reader, IF card reader, Passbook Printer, bar-code scanner, two-dimensional bar-code scanner, fingerprint recognizer and so on to ATM and KIOSK . We can accord to customer’s needs to design KIOSK. Follows are the main series of ATM and KIOSK that Nantian made: ATM 7130 (Through-the-wall CDM),ATM 7100 (Lobby CDM),ATM 8120 (Lobby CDM),ATM 8150 (Through-the-wall CDM). BST4200 (Lobby KIOSK),BST4300 (Lobby KIOSK),BST4230 (Through-the-wall KIOSK),BST3200 (Lobby KIOSK),BST3300 (Lobby KIOSK),BST3340C (Wall mounted KIOSK),BST4340 (Wall mounted KIOSK),ESS50 (Lobby KIOSK),ESS1000 (Lobby KIOSK),BST-1100 (Deposit book printer KIOSK).

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Country: China
City: Kunming Yunnan
Address: #455 Huanchengdonglu, Panlong
Phone: +86 (871) 3332302-8329
Fax: +86 (871) 3317397
E-mail: atm_kiosk_make@sina.com
URL address:
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PR9 Passbook printer
[Kunming Yunnan]